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Italy Vacation Rentals by Owner

Find accommodations, lodging, cabin rentals, cottages, villas by owner and more.

Glamour and Style in Italy Villa Rentals
Villas in Italy Tuscany Villas Italy Vacation Rentals

Places to stay:

Florence Italy vacation rentals

• Italy Vacation Rentals, Hotels, Bed & Breakfasts
If you are looking for Italy vacation rentals, hotels or Italian bed and breakfasts, of Italy vacation rentals and choose from a wide area. Whether you are traveling to a big city such as Rome or Venice or would like to explore an Italian enchanting country side, there are many choices of Itlay accommodations for you to select from. Charming Tuscany cottages and farmhouses, Rome vacation apartments, Florence villas and Perugia holiday houses are only a few accommodation options for you in Italie. Either one will provide you with privacy and comfort that will truly fulfill your vacation experience in Italy.

• Florence Vacation Rental
It is an apartment renovated and equipped with all the luxury and comfort that only Florence Apartment Rentals can offer.This Florence apartment, located in via Borgo Pinti 54, has a large lounge in typical florentine style with a sofa bed and a kitchen-dining room.
Via borgo pinti 54

Vacation Rental in Southern Italy. Italy Vacation Rentals
Visiting Naples, the Amalfi Coast or the ruins of Pompeii. If you are coming to the region of Campania, southern Italy, you can't miss the ancient village. Accommodations are located in the region of Campania - situated in the Medieval splendor offered by the villague of Calitri - about an hour and a half drive from the city of Naples, Napoli. Locals refer to it as the “Positano” d’Irpinia, referring to the glorious italian village on the Almafi coast that’s revered for its vibrant pastel colors and year-round sun-filled days.

Italy vacation rentals - Regions
Italy vacation rentals, Italy apartments in Italy. Browse and choose from more than 10000 vacation rentals, holiday homes, apartments, hotels in Italy online. You can find a nice villa in Tuscany, an italian cottage on a farm in Umbria, an apartment or vacation rentals in Rome, Italy.

• Abruzzo, Apulia, Arezzo

• Basilicata, Bologna

• Calabria, Campania

• Emilia Romagna

• Florence, Friuli Venezia Giulia

• Grosseto

• Latium, Liguria, Lombardy


• Marches, Molise

• Perugia, Piedmont, Puglia

• Rome

• Sardinia, Sicily, Siena

• Trentino, Tuscany

• Umbria

• Valle D Aosta , Veneto

Resorts & Vacation Cottages, Home Rental, Hotels, Cabin Cottage, Villas & Chalet Rental, Family Resorts.

Italy vacation rentals

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