Amazing Underwater Hotels and Undersea Lodges

underwater hotels and undersea lodgesLearn about some of the most amazing underwater hotels and undersea lodges in the world. These extreme under water accommodations are made for dream vacations.

When most of us think about a place to go for a great vacation, we may think of Florida, the Caribbean or other exotic destinations. But some extreme vacationers want something a little bit different, or maybe a lot different. Staying in an under water hotel or lodge is one of the most extreme places you can stay. These resorts are not for the squeamish or faint of heart. Explorers and those that love an adventure will find these accommodations under the sea to be a challenge mentally and physically, but definitely a thrill.

One of the most immediate thoughts one may have when considering staying in a resort or hotel that is completely under water, may be the abundance of fishes, marine animals and sea life to be seen and enjoyed. Other benefits of living or staying under the sea for a while, could be the challenge of the dive or the enjoyment of being able to complete more dive hours in a limited amount of time. Whatever your motivation for this type of vacation destination, chances are good that these amazing resorts and destinations will deliver a vacation of a lifetime.

Jules Underwater Lodge in Key Largo, Florida
Key Largo Undersea Park
51 Shoreland Drive
Key Largo, FL 33037

At this undersea lodge, divers can experience a unique diving environment that is perfect for the beginning diver or master divers. Sleeping and staying on the sea floor provides more opportunities for divers. This lodge has an entry point, wet room two bedrooms with large 42 inch windows and a common room. This structure began as a research facility and later became a world famous tourist destination. The entrance to the structure is on the sea floor in 21 feet of water.

The Utter Inn – Sweden, Europe

For a memorable trip, you may consider the Utter Inn, which is located in the middle of a Swedish lake, Lake Malaren, and is close to Stockholm. The under water hotel was developed by Mikael Genberg, a sculptor and artist. Visitors staying in this room rental, will enter through the red house that is floating on the water’s surface.


Poseidon Undersea Resorts – Fiji

This unique private island resort in Fiji provides their guests with a once in a lifetime luxury vacation opportunity. The Poseidon under sea resort is a permanent one-atmosphere habitable structure on the seafloor with distinctive and breathtaking views of the sea. Prices and vacation packages start at $15,000. Visitors are offered many luxury amenities which includes their very own coral reef to explore and beach side bungalows for those who want to experience beautiful Fiji above water level. There are also acccommodations and rental units on top of the water, or 40 feet down.


Video: Poseidon Undersea Resort


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