Birch Aquarium Coupons

birch aquarium coupons discounts

Looking for savings on your next visit to this popular San Diego attraction. Get ticket discounts with Birch Aquarium coupons and printable specials. Learn more about marine life as well as ways to find current promotional deals and special offers on admission tickets. The entire family can have a great time.

About Birch Aquarium at Scripps   

This popular San Diego attraction features over 60 different fish and marine life habitats that visitors can enjoy during their visit. The aquarium and research complex is operated by the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego. The public viewing and marine life habitat displays feature a large variety of fishes and marine life that spans across the oceans, specifically Pacific Ocean marine varieties. The mission of Scripps Oceanography is to promote ocean and marine conservation and to educate the public on the importance of ocean sciences. They provide many educational programs that are designed for people of all ages and is a great way to learn more about our oceans.

Some of the marine life exhibits include:

  1. Coral Reef Displays
  2. Hall of Fishes
  3. Shark Reef
  4. Something about Seahorses
  5. Living Tide Pools
  6. Whales – Voices in the Sea
  7. Feeling the Heat
  8. Boundless Energy

Where to Find Birch Aquarium Coupons and Ticket Discounts

When seeking savings for this San Diego attraction, first see the Scripps official website at It is an excellent resource to learn more about the exhibits and marine life. They also tend to provide a page dedicated to special deals for ways to save on admission.

• Sign up for the Birch aquarium email newsletter at Members receive the monthly newsletter which provides information on new programs, events, sea life exhibits, printable coupons, discount offers, special ticket prices, deals and more.

• See current promotional offers at

• You may also be able to find discounts on admission tickets in local tourism and travel brochures. Check out the lobby rack card case at your hotel and check with the concierge desk for special coupon offers to local area attractions.

Keep in mind that special offers can change at any time. Most all offers will expire at some point. Make sure the read the specific details and restrictions any offer before redeeming.

Video: Birch Aquarium – La Jolla San Diego CA

This video gives a good look at a lot of the sea life and marine creatures that are on display. You can see sharks, seahorses, starfish, moray eels, jelly fish, and a lot of other marine life species.

[Photo credit]: Kelp tank by Scripps news.


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