Jules Underwater Lodge Key Largo FL Review

jules underwater lodge and hotel key largoIf you are looking for a vacation experience like nothing else, then the Jules Underwater lodge and hotel in Key Largo, FL  may be just the place for your next diving trip.  This undersea hotel is a one of a kind experience. To get into your room and accommodations, you actually have to dive down to your hotel rooms, since they are on the bottom of Emerald Lagoon, there is no access point above water.

Jules is popular set of accommodations in Key Largo, FL, and was once a research lab facility and under water habitat. The structure is located in Emerald Lagoon and is within a mangrove habitat loaded with fish and other marine creatures. Once inside of the Jules Undersea hotel and lodge, you will be able to see out and enjoy the views of fishes swimming around and mingling with the other marine animals in this mangrove habitat and marine nursery. Truly, a memorable place and adventure. Some of the different reef fish that may be seen within the mangrove nursery include mangrove snapper, parrotfish, barracuda, anemones, shellfish and many other marine animals.

The Jules Underwater Lodge actually helps to enhance the amount of sealife in the vicinity of the structure since it acts as a reef for fish and marine animals to live and strive. Divers flock here from around the world to experience staying and living under the sea. The hotel staff is on duty 24 hours each day to make sure that the guests have everything the need for full enjoyment during their vacation stay.

See their website at www.jul.com for specific lodging and diving excursion details, layout and prices.

Key Largo Undersea Park
51 Shoreland Drive
Key Largo, Florida 33037
Website: www.jul.com

Video: Jules Undersea Lodge Key Largo, FL Traveler Photos

This video features a slideshow of images from this very unique and one-of-a-kind under water accommodation and diving experience. The official under sea hotel and lodging website is at www.jul.com.

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