Amazing Underwater Hotels and Undersea Lodges

Learn about some of the most amazing underwater hotels and undersea lodges in the world. These extreme under water accommodations are made for dream vacations. When most of us think about a place to go for a great vacation, we may think of Florida, the Caribbean or other exotic destinations. But some extreme vacationers want something a little bit different, or maybe a lot different. Staying in … [Read more...]

Jules Underwater Lodge Key Largo FL Review

If you are looking for a vacation experience like nothing else, then the Jules Underwater lodge and hotel in Key Largo, FL  may be just the place for your next diving trip.  This undersea hotel is a one of a kind experience. To get into your room and accommodations, you actually have to dive down to your hotel rooms, since they are on the bottom of Emerald Lagoon, there is no access point above … [Read more...]